2009 Memorial Ceremony and Meeting for
"Horae" Zo Za-yong
Gathering Together His Friends and Followers
Held Every January 30th Evening
at the Gahoe Folk-Art Museum
in Seoul's Bukchon Area (north of Anguk Metro Station)
the Altar on January 30th 2009
Our special guest from Korea's international community this year was Mr. Alan Heyman, who first arrived
here in 1953 (as a MASH unit member) and has lived here for most of the time since, deeply immersed
in traditional culture; he remains the foremost Western expert on Korean Shamanism.  He knew Horae
ever since the 1960s, and shared some of his amusing stories with us about their encounters.
To the left of Alan is our longtime friend Dr Fred Jeremey Seligson,
and speaking with him to the right is Yun Yeol-su.
I offered my veneration at the altar after the others, this year