2008 Memorial Ceremony and Meeting for
"Horae" Zo Za-yong
Gathering Together His Friends and Followers
Held Every January 30th Evening
at the Gahoe Folk-Art Museum
in Seoul's Bukchon Area (north of Anguk Metro Station)
January 30th 2008
A special guest from Korea's international community this year was Mr. Peter Bartholomew,
well-known expert on traditional Korean architecture and current President of the Royal Asiatic
Society.  Also attending for the first time was Dr. Yang Jong-seung, the chief curator of the National
Folklore Museum and well-known expert on Korean Shamanism (below, in front of me on the right).  
Both of them knew Horae since the 1970s, and told us their fond memories of encountering him.
My speech, translated by Lee Man-ju (Zo's nephew) as usual.  That's Dr Yun Yeol-su, owner and curator
of the Gahoe Folk-Art Museum and a close younger-friend of Horae,
facing towards the camera.
Peter and I (David Mason) paid our respects at the altar together.
a Tokkebi-ish facial expression
that Horae would have loved...