2007 Memorial Ceremony and
Meeting for "Horae" Zo Za-yong
Gathering Together His Friends and Followers
Held Every January 30th Evening
at the Gahoe Folk-Art Museum
in Seoul's Bukchon Area (north of Anguk Metro Station)
the Altar on January 30th 2003
I have attended all of these annual events, but only taken photos of a few
his last portrait, taken 1999, used on the Altar 2001-5
photo of Horae meditating by a Budo monument up
behind Sogni-san Beobju-sa, used on the Altar 2006-9
The 2007 event was good, with a strong crowd of Dr. Zo’s friends and followers.  I turned out to be
the only non-Korean there, however, as none of my interested foreign friends could make it. Much
good talking, eating and drinking ensued for hours, after the ritual-bowing-at-altar was finished.

Money is still being collected to put up a
biseok monument for Horae at his Sogni-san tomb-site
(dedication will be on January 30th 2010), a five-person standing-steering-committee of
this group was set up for more efficient operation, and folks are contributing in many ways.

My own project of collecting the most important of Zo’s publications and getting them scanned and
up on the Internet as a permanent international legacy-resource is moving slowly forward; i have
started re-doing the format of my webpages on him as they are now too-out-of-date.  I was asked to
speak to the gathering, as usual, and in addition to my usual rap of how we need to get this stuff
out to the international audience and not only Koreans, i added a rant on how we also need to bring
it to the new young generation of Koreans, who are largely utterly ignorant of the best and most
unique parts of their own traditional culture… that got some enthusiastic applause.
the Meeting on January 30th 2007 -- Dr Yun Yeol-su, owner and curator of
the Gahoe Folk-Art Museum and a close younger-friend of Horae, giving a
speech of welcome and updating us on the progress of the Association
the Altar on January 30th 2007;  many bottles of liquor were donated
Looking east from the Altar;  right-front is the famous Shaman Kim Keum-hwa Manshin-nim
Carving of a Tokkebi [Korean goblin]
by his collaborator-friend Yoo Jae-bong,
installed at his former teaching center;
a similar one is the background of the
"last portrait" above